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Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska

Discover the special Pyrrosia christii, an exotic fern that brings your interior to life with its unique, decorative leaves. Native to the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, Pyrrosia christii is an epiphytic plant characterized by its striking, velvety leaves with a rich green hue.

Leaf structure: The leaves of the Pyrrosia christii are elongated and have a slightly ribbed structure. The top of the leaves feels velvety soft, which gives a luxurious look to any room.
Color: Deep green with subtle silvery accents, which create a playful light reflection.
Growth form: This fern grows in a graceful, spreading shape and can be kept in pots or hanging, making it versatile in different interior styles.

Light: Pyrrosia christii likes bright, indirect light, but can also thrive in partial shade. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent burning of the leaves.
Water: Keep the soil slightly moist, but ensure that excess water can drain well. This fern likes a moist environment, so regular spraying is recommended.
Temperature: Ideal room temperatures are between 18-25°C. Protect the plant against drafts and extreme temperature changes.

Air purifying: The Pyrrosia christii contributes to a better indoor climate by improving air quality.
Easy to maintain: This fern is relatively easy to care for and suitable for both beginners and experienced plant lovers.
Decorative: With its unique leaf structure and elegant growth habit, the Pyrrosia christii is a real eye-catcher in any interior, from modern to classic.

Bring a piece of tropical rainforest into your home with the Pyrrosia christii and enjoy the soothing, green oasis that this beautiful fern creates. Perfect for living rooms, office spaces or as a special addition to your plant collection.

Pyrrosia christii

€6.50 Regular Price
€4.55Sale Price
  • 7 cm

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