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Nice that you have come to the site of Plantje van Mandje. In May 2021 I started selling ferns via Instagram and Facebook. Since September 2021 I have my own Chamber of Commerce number and website. Plantje van Mandje has therefore become a real company! But what is the story behind this?​

The story of Plantje van Mandje

Since 2019 I have been working full-time at trade nursery De Zonnebloem, a partner in our family business, Henk Braam B.V. After a year of working among the ferns, I couldn't really be left here anymore. Now I have completely taken over my family's passion for plants and got the chance to start my own company. ​


The ferns that I sell on the site are all grown in the nursery and therefore I can deliver the very best quality. Nowhere is it possible to buy ferns directly from the nursery where it is produced. ​


But why then Plantje van Mandje?


My name is Mandy and my family and friends often call me Mandje. I do the whole process myself - from hoarding, packing, shipping, to creating a website. So you really get a Plantje van Mandje!​


Do you have any questions or comments after reading this story? You can always send a message via email or via the socials.​

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