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Caring tips​

One fern needs a little more attention than the other fern. For example, the blue fern (Phlebodium) is one of the 'easy' ferns, while the maidenhair fern (Adiantum) is one of the more difficult ones. Still, the same rules generally apply when caring for ferns. Below you can read a number of tips!​


This is a very important point in the care of your fern. Ferns may not dry out at all. So check now and then whether the potting soil is slightly moist. Isn't this the case? Then water your fern from below, for example by placing it in a bucket with a small layer of water. This way your plant will absorb the right amount of water itself and you will avoid giving too much.​


In the house it is best to place a fern in a light spot, but not in full sun. In full sun the leaves will turn yellow and you even have a chance that the leaves will burn. Place it near a window so that it gets enough light during the day. A spot with indirect sunlight is best.​


Ferns often grow in nature in tropical rainforests. A fern therefore loves high humidity. A bathroom or kitchen is an ideal place. But they will also do well in the living room or bedroom. Find a spot where the fern is not in direct sunlight. Tropical ferns, or inland ferns, need a temperature above 15 degrees.​

Feeding: From spring the fern consumes a lot of energy by making new leaves. Therefore, give plant food once a month from spring to autumn. This is no longer necessary in winter. Then the plant is in rest mode and there is a good chance that you are giving an overdose of nutrition. This can be harmful to the fern. Due to acidification, the roots can no longer absorb water and nutrients and will die.

Repotting: Is your fern getting too big for the nursery pot? Then March is a suitable month to repot your fern. Use a pot that is about 20% larger than the current pot. One fern grows faster than the other. An Adiantum (maiden hair) will grow much faster than, for example, an Asplenium. ​


Maintenance: Cut away brown/damaged leaves to give new leaves more space and energy to develop. In addition, you get a beautiful, fuller plant in return.

Did you know?

Fern can reduce complaints such as headaches and dry skin? Ferns release a lot of moisture and have air-purifying properties. You not only take care of the ferns, the ferns also take care of you!​

Boomvaren Cyathea Cooperi
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