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Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska

Pellaea atropurpurea, also known as the 'Purple-stemmed Cliffbrake' or 'Purple-stemmed Maidenhair', is a charming outdoor fern that adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. With its light green leaves and striking purple stems, this fern does best in partial to full shade and drained, moist soil.

The compact growth and upright habit make Pellaea atropurpurea perfect for rock gardens, shady borders, or as a decorative addition to a terrarium or indoor garden. The delicate texture of the leaves provides an airy appearance, while the blue glows provide a beautiful contrast and add color to any garden setting.

Pellaea atropurpurea not only acts as an aesthetic element, but also offers practical benefits. It suppresses weed growth, retains moisture in the soil and attracts various insects, thereby contributing to healthy biodiversity.

With its graceful appearance and easy care, Pellaea atropurpurea is a valuable addition to any garden, whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out.

Pellaea atropurpurea 7 cm pot

  • 7 cm

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