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Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska

The Nephrolepis exaltata Fishtail is a special fern species that owes its name to the shape of its leaves. The leaves have a unique, deeply incised shape reminiscent of a fish's tail. The plant originates from the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and Australia, and therefore thrives in high humidity and a warm ambient temperature. 


The Nephrolepis exaltata Fishtail is a relatively easy plant to care for and is therefore very suitable for the home. The plant needs regular water, but is sensitive to overwatering. It is therefore important to ensure good drainage and not to water the plant too often. In addition, the plant thrives best in a light spot, but not in direct sunlight.


The Nephrolepis exaltata Fishtail is not only a beautiful plant, but also has an air-purifying effect. The plant can purify the air in the house from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene. This makes the plant not only a beautiful addition to the interior, but also a healthy choice!

Nephrolepis exaltata 'Fishtail' 10.5 cm pot

  • 10,5 cm

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