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Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska

The Hemionitis arifolia (Heart fern) is a beautiful fern species that originally comes from Asia. It has a unique leaf design with green leaves that are heart-shaped. The leaves have a slightly ribbed surface and are decorated with dark lines that form a nice contrast to the lighter color of the leaves.

Hemionitis arifolia is a plant that does well in the shade, but can also grow in partial shade. The plant has an average water requirement and thrives in moist soil.

Hemionitis arifolia is not toxic to children or animals and is also commonly used in homes and offices as a houseplant. It is a great choice for novice plant enthusiasts because of the easy care and beautiful appearance of the plant.

Hemionitis arifolia (Heart fern) 7 cm pot

  • 7 cm

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