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Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska

Cyathea australis is a fern species native to Australia and New Zealand. It is a striking and imposing fern that belongs to the Cyatheaceae family. Here are some characteristics and descriptions of Cyathea australis:

Size: Cyathea australis can grow impressively large, with a straight trunk that can reach heights of more than 10 meters. The leaves or fern fronds can also grow quite large.
Leaves: The leaves are composed of many individual leaflets located on the stem of the plant. These leaf segments are usually dark green in color and have a rough texture.

Stem: The stem of Cyathea australis is generally straight and cylindrical in shape. The trunk is covered in fibers and scales that contribute to its rough texture.
Habitat: This tree fern thrives in moist forests, rainforests and along streams and rivers. It is native to parts of Australia and New Zealand, where it is often found in moist, shady environments.

Growth habit: Cyathea australis grows relatively slowly and may take many years to reach its maximum height. It is a perennial herb that continues to grow and develop for many years.

Cyathea australis makes a striking addition to damp and shady gardens and is sometimes used as an ornamental plant. Due to its imposing size and interesting texture, it is a prized plant in botanical and landscape horticulture.

Cyathea australis 30 cm Height

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