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Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska

The Blechnum brasiliense, also known as the Brazilian double leaf, is a beautiful fern species that originates from the rainforests of South America. The plant has a striking, double leaf shape that provides a unique appearance. The small dwarf tree fern grows to a maximum height of 1.5 meters. The young leaves of this fern are red in color and turn to dark green as they age.


This fern is very sensitive to drying out, so make sure that the plant always has enough water. It is advisable to water this fern when the potting soil starts to feel a bit drier. The soil should always be slightly moist. The Blechnum brasiliense is not resistant to frost. It is advisable to bring the fern indoors in winter or to protect it well.  


The Blechnum brasiliense is not only a beautiful plant, but also has an air-purifying effect. The plant can purify the air in the house from harmful substances. This makes the plant not only a beautiful addition to the interior, but also a healthy choice!

Blechnum brasiliense (Brazilian dwarf tree fern)

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  • Tropical ferns / tree ferns

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