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Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska

Dicksonia squarrosa

The Dicksonia squarrosa is a remarkable tree fern that intrigues with its unique properties. This fern belongs to the Dicksonia genus and is valued for its characteristic trunk and beautifully shaped leaves.

The tree fern, Dicksonia squarrosa, is distinguished by its arching fronds that bring a sense of movement to the environment. This particular fern adds a special dimension to any indoor or outdoor space, and its presence is often regarded as a symbol of natural grandeur.

Originally from New Zealand, Dicksonia squarrosa exudes a rustic elegance reminiscent of natural beauty. Its trunk and fronds are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also add to the timeless appeal of this fern.

The Dicksonia squarrosa offers gardeners and plant enthusiasts a chance to bring a piece of natural history into their environment. With its refined appearance and striking features, this fern adds a sense of connection to the natural world to any setting.

Dicksonia squarrosa 30 cm height

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  • 14 cm en 17 cm

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